Peels for Skin Cancer

cancellcerFor most patients, skin cancer develop later in life and are directly related to solar exposure. The DNA in  the skin looses its ability to regenerate and heal. Basal cell carcinoma of the skin is the most common cancer in the world and effects nearly 25% of the population at some point during their lives.  Squamous cell carcinoma and Melanomas also form at an increasingly alarming rate in the population probably due to reduction in the ozone protection layer and an increase in outdoor exposure for most people.  The process of developing skin cancers is mostly a slow one with dry skin patches becoming more red and actinic follow by becoming invasive into the skin.  We offer many solutions for pre cancers and invasive skin cancers including acid peels, quarterization, biopsies and excisions. We have numerous less invasive moderate to deep peeling options for the reduction and eradication of skin cancers.  Our higher concentration TCA and Salicytic Acid peels offer excellent results with removal of superficial skin cancers while maintaining wonderful cosmetic results in important facial zones like the ear, lips and nose.

Dr. Goldberg is a medicare provider and offers comprehensive solutions for patients who are concerned that a lesion may be a skin cancer.  We offer examination, biopsy, excision and simple closure or plastic surgical quality flap reconstructions when necessary.  Many of the smaller procedures can be completed in the comfort of our surgical suite in Dr. Goldberg’s Monterey Office.