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Small Procedures that Make a Big Difference

Neck Liposuction, Removal of Arm Pit Fat, Neck/Chin Liposuction, Upper Arm Liposuction, Skin Tag and Mole Removal, Ear Lobe and Piercing Repairs. 

All these  small cases are affordable and can be painlessly and quickly done in the office.

Arm Pit Fat is generally unwanted extra fat and tissue noticeable with strapless garments.  For many women it develops with age, pregnancy and weight gain.  It is virtually impossible to treat with diet and exercise despite all the web sites devoted to upper arm exercises and push ups to improve the condition.  Certain areas of the body just tend to deposit unwanted fat, even in lean people.  This includes the neck under the chin,  the triceps upper arm area, the pubic area,  the media thighs between the legs,  the posterior junction of the buttock and thighs  and the upper anterior axilla – the dreaded bra fat.

In some patients the extra tissue in the armpit is actually breast tissue and not just fat.  In these cases, liposuction, breast reduction or direct excisions of the extra axillary breast tissue can be completed as a small procedure.  Sometime insurance will cover costs associated with accessory or extra breast tissue.  Each patient needs to have  formal consultation and discussion with their insurance policy representatives about coverage for surgery.

The good news is most of the time these areas can all be effectively treated with liposuction.  Dr. Goldberg performs small cannula liposuction with ultrasound, power assisted techniques and traditional tumescent suction.  We choose our techniques specifically for each patient based on fat volume, location or treatment choice and skin quality.  Of course, all Dr. Goldberg’s techniques are chosen to maximize fat removal while also avoiding contour irregularities. To much fat removal and hasty technique causes ripples, edges, scars and contour irregularities. We commonly use very small 1mm and 2mm cannula techniques for precision treatment.

Most all the small  procedures discussed on this page can be completed in the office and are quite affordable and effective.

Just one caveat.  We can substantially improve these areas, but generally NOT eradicate them.  We all need some small amounts of fat under our skin so the skin looks youthful, and is flexible.  Meeting expectations is key to a happy patient and we strive to provide exceptional results with each client.

Ask us about Arm Pit Fat reductions or other small locations if you are interested in more information. It’s quite affordable and gives great results.