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Hair Restoration

Dr. David Goldberg is now offering exceptional results in Hair Restoration in Monterey for men and women. Dr. Goldberg applies the same precision and artistry of cutting edge Plastic Surgery to the most current techniques in hair restoration. Microsurgical placement of your own hair is accomplished with the use of advanced science of NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Hair loss is treated by combining the mastery of near invisible grafting and natural hairline design with ground breaking technology. We are able to serve the hair restoration desires of virtually all men and women at unusually affordable costs.  We focus are attention on patients from the Central Valley including Salinas, Santa Cruz and Monterey.  However, we welcome patient who travel from greater distances and offer longer term recovery housing for our our patients.

Dr. Goldberg and his team of advanced surgical specialists provide stunning results in hair restoration. Hair replacement is now accomplished with vast improvements over previously challenging and very expensive techniques. The NeoGraft assisted hair restoration technology causes far less discomfort, is more economical, uses no stitches, and has a significantly improved recovery time compared to other hair restoration techniques.

We can treat your concerns:

  • Hair loss due to typical male or female pattern hair loss. Hair restoration can provide improvement and permanent hair replacement.
  • Over-plucked or age related hair loss. We can help restore and replace eyebrow hair, shape and contour.
  • Unsightly scalp scarring due to a previous strip hair transplant or scalp injury. Hair restoration techniques can be used to reduce scars.

We have treated dozens of patients here in Monterey and Salinas and offer private consultations with our new patients.  We also offer opportunities for our prospective clients to meet former patients so see up close their results.  There is no better why to decide on hair restoration then to meet and examine a patient’s hair line who underwent the surgery and can discuss first hand their experience, expectations and results.

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David S. Goldberg, M.D. is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who combines an artist’s eye with extensive knowledge and experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to achieve beautiful, natural enhancements for his patients.

Today, surgical outcome, patient safety and affordability are all discussed on the same page as this is a key provision of the Affordable Care Act which emphasizes patient safety, outcome and affordability.  This applies to both cosmetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery.   Daunting as it is, it remains the patient’s responsibility to learn about a surgeon’s background, skills and reputation,  You should feel welcome to ask important questions and not be intimidated by flashy advertisements or aggressive marketing tactics.  During your consultation you are interviewing the doctor and we know it.  Ask him or her to clarify their training and board certification.  Get a sense of their skills,  results and reputation.  In addition to looking at photographs ask to speak to former patients, and find hospital or surgery center nurses to give your some inside information.

David S. Goldberg, M.D.