Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

52 Year Old. Overall, Nice Figure.  She just feels her breast are becoming more droopy as she gets older and her skin laxity of her abdomen never improved with exercise after having her children.  Patients should realize that skin laxity does not really improve with exercise.  Abdominal fat can be reduced and the muscles can strengthen, but loose skin just hangs. Stretch marks are best treated by excising them. The repair in mini tummy tuck usually just goes up to the belly button.  If a patient has skin looseness above the belly button then a full tummy tuck is usually necessary to get the best results.  An extended abdominoplasty is performed when we remove skin on the sides and sometimes all the way around the back.  This patient had a breast lift and abdominoplasty as she has good breast size with droopiness and excess skin and loose muscles of her abdomen.