Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty

This patient overall has very good skin quality.  She has a modest amount of extra skin, abdominal fat and mild rectus muscle diastasis after having children.  A chronically contracted scar from a c-section can be seen in the before picture just above the suprapubic area.   The c-section scar is commonly called a pfannenstiel incision. However, most patients have a limited version of the incision that extends across or within the pubic hair line.  Scar contractions, imbedded hair follicles, and a puffy/fatty pubic region are common concerns of patients after c-section and child bearing.  The abdominoplasty is commonly called a tummy tuck.  The goals are to reduce the extra skin and tighten the ‘six-pack’ rectus muscles.   Patient’s often complain of persisting fat in the public are and we reduce the fat by a combination of liposuction and direct excision.

Patient’s who have c-sections often are very good candidates for an abdominoplasty.  The muscle are often quite separated after the c-section and are not fixed at the time of delivery.  The scars are often contracted and sore with chronic hair folliculitis.   This patient had a traditional abdominoplasty. Her muscles were repaired, the extra skin removed as well as the old scar.