Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants

Very Athletic Patient.  She would like to increase breast volume, but not too large as to interfere with active lifestyle. Bilateral Augmentation with Submuscular Saline Implants. Her goal is to fill out her clothes and return her figure to a pre children state.  Sub Pectoral 300 cc Implants Bilateral Saline.  Saline Breast Implants have a long history of use in plastic surgery.  The shell or bag is a solid silicone polymer and the filler is plain saline (salt water, IV Fluid).  If a saline implant goes flat or leaks, don’t worry. It is not an emergency and you will be fine.    Your body will absorb the saline as a natural fluid.  Obviously your breast that leaked, popped, or deflated will be flat.  All USA based implant companies offer excellent warranties on their breast implants.  Commonly it’s a 10 year warranty  for Saline Breast implants and a lifetime warranty on silicone breast implants.  Replacing a deflated breast implant requires a return a operating room where a new implant is replaced for the deflated implants.  We use breast Implants from Mentor and Allergan Corporations.  They offer high quality implants and a fair warranty to customers.  If you implants are over 5 years old, you may want to consider replacing both at the same time.  Obviously that is up to you and your plastic surgeon to decide.