Breast Revision Surgery – Broken Implants


This 60 year old patient had silicone breast implants placed over 25 years ago.  With time these older implants can break.  Dr. Goldberg has extensive experience treating patients with broken implants and breast scars.  Dr. Goldberg’s approach is to remove all the silicone and old implant material and perform and comprehensive breast pocket washout.  All visible silicone, capsule and material is fully removed.  This results in a breast pocket that is fully cleaned of debris and foreign material.   Patients can choose to have either a new implant placed or no implant.  In certain cases,  older patients may choose not to have breast implants replaced, but to have a breast lift.  A breast lift is also called a mastopexy.   The results are a more youthful,  and “perky breast”.  Patient appreciate the lean, athletic look and the lift often enhances physical self confidence.

In the patient pictured above her implants and all silicone and scar material was thoroughly removed.  She underwent a mini breast lift (mastopexy).  And although her breast are smaller, she has a modest B cup that she is thrilled with.  Her cloths fit better, and she enjoy’s the new youthful look.