Breast Reconstruction after Lumpectomy

breast reconstruction lumpectomy mastecomy ekc-001

This patient had a history of a first breast cancer treated with a lumpectomy numerous years ago.  She developed a breast scar and contracture, but chose not to treat it until she learned of a new small breast cancer of the same breast 5 years later.    She decided on a mastectomy and reconstruction rather then another lumpectomy.

Fortunately, she did not need radiation as Reconstruction with Implants is very challenging after radiation as complications such as skin infection and breast hardness (capsular contracture) are more common.

This patient underwent a skin sparing mastectomy and a delayed (two months after the mastectomy) reconstruction after her oncologist determined she would not need radiation.  A tissue expander was placed under the muscle for 6 weeks and then a permanent implant was placed at the final surgery.  A lift (mastopexy) of the right breast was also performed.   She is comfortable now with generally similar breast size and has no discomfort anymore.