Breast Lift Case

Patients with good breast size and some droopiness often just need a lift to improve their breast appearance.  The old saying is true, ‘if you have it, use it.’  The most natural way to improve breast aesthetics if you have good breast volume is to do a lift.  The operation is called a mastopexy.  The cost and risks are less then using an implants.  The benefits of being all natural breast tissue is fantastic.  The incisions vary depending on your pre existing breast shape and amount of lift desired, but either the lollipop or traditional anchor style incisions are most commonly used.  If you nipple is just a little low, then a mini, peri areolar mastopexy  may work for you.

In this patient, she has very full breasts,  they are just droopy after breast feeding.  A ‘anchor’ style mastopexy was completed raising her nipple/areolar level almost 6 inches.  We don’t mess with the nipple and normal sensation almost always is maintained.  Also,  if the patient chooses to have another child, she should still be able to breast feed.  Her post operative photos are only at 6 months after surgery so the incisions will continue to fade over time.  As far as scars are concerned, be patient as time does heal and it often takes 2 or more years for your incisions to really begin fading.