Breast Lift and Augmention

This 25 year old has congenital tuberous breasts and droopiness.  Bilateral augmentation with silicone implants and periareolar mastopexy.  Pictures are 6 months and 2 years after surgery.  Tuberous breast is characterized by the narrow base width of the breast,  gland the protrudes or herniates into the sub areolar complex and droopiness.  To improve the aesthetics of a breast with tuberous breast deformity and combination of procedures are often done including an augmentation and a lift.  In this case the surgery is all done through the lower part of the areolar then placing the implant under the muscle. Notice the subtleties of the side view from 6 months to two years. Even though the breast shape is somewhat ‘tight and mounded’, the process softens and stretches over time to create a more natural look.  Treatment of a tuberous breast is part cosmetic and part reconstructive.  Additional procedures are sometimes necessary and patients need to allow time for the breast to stretch and mature.