Breast Augmentation


This patient has very small breast size without a clearly defined Inframammary fold.  It’s very important to size this patient correctly so we don’t disrupt her nice though smaller chest and breast dimensions.   325 cc silicone breast implants are placed under the muscle.  Her size and shape nicely fit her all and lean frame.  Scars in Asian, Hispanic and other darker skinned women can take longer to fade.  Studies have demonstrated that the simple use of inexpensive plain paper medical tape may work as well as Vitamin Oil or other expensive Scar Gels in the care of think and dark surgical scar. Actually It may be the massage used to apply the ointment rather then the actual Vitamin E or Vitamin C that improves scars over time.  Being patient for as long as a year or two also helps the scars to improve as most normal scars fade naturally over time.   Sun protection is very important.  We always take a patient’s skin type and anatomy into consideration when choosing any incision sites in plastic surgery.