Breast & Total Body & Thigh Lift – Comprehensive Surgery For Droopy Skin After Weight Loss


Body Lifts, Extended Abdominoplasty & Panniculectomy operations are all generally versions of the Tummy Tuck operation.  The operation is ‘extended’ with a longer incisions to remove excess skin of the hips, sides and flanks.  Circumferential skin  removal occurs when excess skin  extends all the around a patient.  A panniculectomy operation is really a type of abdominoplasty when we are removing the extra skin pannus only usually without tightening of the muscles. Body lifts often refer to lifting the buttocks, hips and lights.  We can also lift the arm skin and this is called a brachialplasty.  Most times we use the terms abdominoplasty and tummy tuck are used interchangeably as they refer to the same procedure.

The patient in this case lost almost 100 lbs and had extra skin like a ‘tire’ all the way around.  She had an extended abdominoplasty with a buttock lift.  Significant skin was removed, front and back.  Her abdominal muscles were also repaired.  She also had a medial thigh lift for excess and droopy skin between the legs.The incisions are long and the scars are permanent but are easily concealed with clothing. The  results are fabulous with a high degree of patient satisfaction.  Patients with extreme weight loss, often after gastric bypass are great candidates for extended procedures to remove all the excess, droopy skin.  This patient also had a breast reduction many years prior to her weight loss.  A revisions of the reduction incision was also completed and breast implants were placed to improve breast volume to help recreate her more balanced an proportioned figure.  This surgery required a planned overnight stay in the hospital.  Also, she needed 6 weeks of recovery before returning to work.