Augmentation Mastopexy


35 year old patient who had two children.  She breast fed and has significant breast volume loss which is called glandular atrophy.  An implant only would make her larger but she would still be droopy.    A modified mastopexy (breast lift) and augmentation (silicone 425- cc high profile implants)  was completed during the same operation.  The mastopexy is called a periareolar lift as the incision goes around and reduces the areola dimension.  Care has to be taken not to try to reduce the areola to much or the incisions can spread.   This patient may have benefited with the addition of the vertical (lollipop) incision but wanted to avoid the additional vertical scar.  The patient is pleased.  If a client wants a bigger lift then the additional incisions would be necessary.  The traditional anchor or lollipop incisions heal well, but he scars are permanent.  The mastopexy and augmentation mastopexy scars will fade over time, but it does take a few years and patients have to have long term patience.