Choosing Your Doctor – Ask Questions,  It’s Your Right.

In addition to providing exceptional results, Dr. Goldberg offers transparency into plastic surgery fees for our patients to compare value. Surgical outcome, patient safety and affordability are all discussed on the same page in a changing world dominated by a the topic of affordable care.  However, it remains the patients responsibility to learn about a surgeon background, skills and reputation,  You should  ask important questions and not be intimidated by flashy advertisements or aggressive marketing tactics.  Remember, during your consultation you are interviewing the doctor and we know it.  Ask them to clarify their training and board certification.  Get as sense of their skills,  results and reputation.  In addition to looking at photographs ask to speak to former patients, and you may want references from hospital or surgery center nurses and personnel who work with your doctor on a regular basis.

One feature of Health Care Reform is greater visibility of patient costs and fees and outcomes.  We are working to create a list of fees for patients to see on this web site. They soon will be posted.  Please understand that the fees are approximate as variations in procedure choices, surgery times, implant types and styles, dosing increases for botox, dysport and fillers and other factors can alter your actual charges.  However, we are creating menus to publish price estimates so patients can develop their own early opinions regarding affordability.

Surgical Fees and Patient Financing – How to Get Your Surgery Now

Patient financing for all of Dr. Goldberg’s procedures may be available to you through Care Credit.  To the best of our ability we will work with every patient to help you get the surgery you want right now.  We have numerous very low interest rate financing options if you need to take that route to get the procedures you want done as soon as possible.  In a contract arrangement with Dr. Goldberg, Care Credit offers low cost payment solutions with very low interest rates.  Care Credit helps you get the procedures you want now – without delaying – and lets you decide on a payment option that makes the most sense to you.  Our Office Staff can give you information about obtaining financing for any surgery including cosmetic breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and facelift procedures.  We will also let you know which Care Credit plans we accept.

We strive to work with each patient based on his or her particular financial needs and provide options for payment such as Care Credit to help our patients obtain their goals whether it be cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.  We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as payment in the form of Cash, Check or Cashier’s Check.

We are contracted with Medicare and Community Health Plan as a preferred provider.  We can bill most insurances and develop a plan to work with reconstruction patients on an individual basis.

We are accepting new Medicare and other insurance patients.

When you have completed your cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Goldberg we will give you an estimate for surgery which will include Dr. Goldberg’s fee, the anesthesiologist, cost of implants if a breast augmentation, assistant surgeon if needed, and the facility fee at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula or the Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center.

Many of our procedures such as Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Liposuction, Scar Revision, Excision of Skin Cancers and Moles, Lesions, and Skin tags, can often be done as office based surgery under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation.  If you are a candidate, we also offer a modified or mini facelift which can be done in the office as well.  This offers the patient cost saving alternatives to hospital and surgery center based surgery while providing excellent results.