Virtual Consultation – For your Privacy & Convenience

We soon will offer patients the opportunity to have a consultation with Dr. Goldberg from the privacy of your own home.  Much of the work in deciding your surgical options, fees and scheduling can be completed using our virtual consultation link.  We can also manage scheduling and consenting through our new VC-Link.

Similar to an office consultation we would schedule a specific date and time for you.  Our actual discussion can be completed by video link if your home computer or cellular phone allows for a direct connections.  Our clients can use Apple Face Time, Skype, or Android Video Links.  We can also have a phone consultation only, and we would request that you to send photographs to us via our secure encrypted server.

In order to prepare for your Virtual Consultation request you complete our online history and physical forms.  Please submit them by email or by fax at 831-649-6725.

Our VC link can also be use to obtain surgery quotes, schedule procedures and surgery, obtain consenting and instructions and receive your prescriptions.

The virtual consultation link also is a format for new and existing patients to query Dr. Goldberg directly with a general question or concern.   Please email us at the VC link above or call us at 831-649-3377 for additional information regarding scheduling your virtual consultation.