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Jennifer Dority jenniferdme_headshot

At the age of twenty-five, Jennifer was forced to face very challenging future health decisions after it was determined she had a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. She is a brave and delightful young women.

“Breast and ovarian cancer just ran in the family. Finally, after a year of my aunt pestering me, I took the blood test to see if I, too, carried the genetic mutation for breast and ovarian cancer. I was shocked to find out I did have the gene called BRCA 1. I only let one month pass between when I found out that I had the gene until I was in the operating room having a bilateral mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. I knew this was the right choice because my oncologist insisted that the odds were I would be diagnosed with breast cancer in my lifetime and, most likely, at a young age like the rest of my family members. I spent many sleepless nights wondering if I would feel like a woman anymore after having my breasts removed. Would men still find me attractive? How long would the recovery be? Will I be fully functional afterwards? I can say with sincere honestly that I could not be happier I made the decision to have this preventative surgery. My odds are now significantly lower for getting breast cancer and I am extremely happy with the results of my reconstruction. I currently reside in Monterey with my husky, Sitka where I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. I also own a personal training business called Dority Health and Fitness.” Jennifer Dority

For anyone interested in contacting Jennifer here is her contact information:

email: Jennifer.dority@gmail.com


Fiona Heilig Heilig, Fiona 10-29-12 (3)

Six year old Fiona was born with a congenital cleft ear anomaly (deformity). There is a very broad range of pediatric anomalies that plastic surgeons commonly treat. These include cleft lip and palate, and deformities to the hand and face. In some children ear concerns involve just the earlobe where in other children the entire ear can be absent requiring full ear creating with skin expansion and cartilage grafts. Fiona’s ear was a split cleft of the lobe and conchal bowl. She was very brave undergoing staged procedures to reconstruct both the back of her ear the the ear lobe. Now she has her ear pierced and goes full speed in 1st grade at Carmel Valley Tularcidos Elementary School!

Fiona’s mom Arianne can be reach at barrecarmel@gmail.com or www.carmelbarre.com


Terry Vander Woude IMAG0139

Terry is a PGA golf professional at the Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel Valley, CA. In 2013, Terry suffered a work related injury that casued significant injury to his face and eyelid structures. He underwent emergency surgery for facial reconstruction and after a few months was completely healed and was able to return to a full and productive work schedule.

“Last year I had an accident that caused a severe gash to my head, face and eye. During the ambulance ride and in the hospital I was not able to see our of my eye and I really was worried things might not go well for my vision. Was I going to loose my eye sight? Dr.Goldberg and the hospital staff instantly put me at ease. I underwent emergency reconstructive procedure and my plastic surgeon fixed my damaged eyelid. He assured my he would do everything he could to make my face and vision as normal as possible. Over many weeks I had regular appointments in the doctors office to revise scars, remove stitches and undergo dressing changes. It has been over a year since my accident, my vision and eyelids are 100% and you cant see the scar unless you know it is there.”

Terry Vander Woude

Vanderwoude, TerryTerry’s injury and recovery is a great example of how the body will heal with time. We all need to be patient and allow our natural biological healing processes to occur. Fortunately, Terry did not have direct injury to his eyeball itself, but the trauma to the face and eyelid structures needed repair to regain normal function and appearance. It is very interesting that many our techniques in facial and body cosmetic surgery are developed from our management of trauma patients. Personally, I learned of the techniques for cosmetic surgery of the eyelid including facelifts and blepharoplasty from my years of training and practice as a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

David S. Goldberg, MD